ForgivnessLiving in a world marred by sin and the effects of sin means all of us will get hurt.  Sometimes this hurt is done intentionally and other times it is unintentionally.  Either way if this hurt is not dealt with properly, it will bleed over into other areas of our lives.  Here are some fantastic resources that will help to bring us from being wronged to a place of forgiveness.


When You've Been WrongedWhen You’ve Been Wronged:  Moving From Bitterness to Forgiveness
Author:  Erwin Lutzer
Publisher:  Moody Publishers
ISBN:  978-080248-897-8

Overcoming Emotions That DestroyOvercoming Emotions That Destroy
Author:  Chip Ingram & Dr. Becca Johnson
Publisher:  Baker Books
ISBN:  978-080107-239-0

ForgivenessForgiveness:  Overcoming the Impossible
Author:  Matthew West
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
ISBN:  978-140032-256-5

The Gift of ForgivenessThe Gift of Forgiveness  
Author:  Charles Stanley
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
ISBN:  978-078526-415-6

The Freedom and Power of ForgivenessThe Freedom & Power of Forgiveness
Author:  John MacArthur
Publisher:  Crossway
ISBN:  978-143351-130-1

The Truth About ForgivenessThe Truth About Forgiveness
Author:  John MacArthur
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
ISBN:  978-140020-415-1

Putting Your Past In Its PlacePutting Your Past In Its Place
Author:  Stephen Viars
Publisher:  Harvest House Publishers
ISBN:  978-073692-739-0

The Case For GraceThe Case For Grace
Author:  Lee Strobel
Publisher:  Zondervan
ISBN:  978-031025-923-7

The Case For Grace KidsThe Case For Grace For Kids
Author:  Lee Strobel
Publisher:  Zonderkidz
ISBN:  978-031073-656-1

Redeeming Your Painful PastRedeeming Your Painful Past:  Present Grace, Future Hope
Author:  Stephen Viars
Publisher:  New Growth Press
ISBN:  978-193826-783-3

From Forgiven to ForgivingFrom Forgiven to Forgiving
Author:  Jay E. Adams
Publisher:  Calvary Press
ISBN:  978-187973-712-9

GraceGrace:  More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine
Author:  Max Lucado
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
ISBN:  978-052911-769-4

Making the Best of a Bad DecisionMaking the Best of a Bad Decision
Author:  Erwin Lutzer
Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN:  978-1-4143-1143-2

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