Loss/Grief Helps

Loss/Grief HelpsAt one point or another all of us face times of loss and grief.  It is sometimes very hard to process these difficult moments in a biblical way.  Here is a list of resources to help navigate these rough waters, while pointing us to the safe, steady, and secure Rock, Jesus Christ.


Where Was God WhenWhere Was God When … ?
Author:  Mike Calhoun & Ric Garland
Publisher:  Word of Life Fellowship
ISBN:  978-193547-510-1

A Grief ObservedA Grief Observed
Author:  C.S. Lewis
Publisher:  HarperOne
ISBN:  978-006065-238-8

Count It All JoyCount it All Joy
Author:  David Jeremiah
Publisher:  David C. Cook
ISBN:  978-143470-875-5

Living The PsalmsLiving the Psalms
Author:  Charles Swindoll
Publisher:  Worthy Publishing
ISBN:  978-193603-470-3

The Problem of PainThe Problem of Pain
Author:  C.S. Lewis
Publisher:  HarperOne
ISBN:  978-006065-296-8

Faith That EnduresFaith That Endures
Author:  J. Dwight Pentecost
Publisher:  Kregel Publications
ISBN:  0-8254-3460-2

How Could a Loving GodHow Could a Loving God …?
Author:  Ken Ham
Publisher:  Master Books
ISBN:  978-0-89051-504-4

What Good is GodWhat Good is God?
Author:  Philip Yancey
Publisher:  Jericho Books
ISBN:  978-044655-984-3

Author:  Joni Eareckson
Publisher:  Zondervan
ISBN:  978-031024-001-3

The Dark StretchThe Dark Stretch
Author:  Randi Stump
Publisher:  Randi Stump
ISBN:  978-098918-020-7

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